Welcome To Gosuncn
Established in 1997, Gosuncn Technology Group Co., Ltd (stock code 300098)has committed to be the world’s leading smart city IoT products and service providers with ‘One horizontal and Four Verticals’ as its strategy, in which One Horizontal includes IoT, big data, and AI (Artificial Intelligence), while the Four Vertical includes public security, transportation, finance, and communication.
Why Choose Us
Gosuncn is a public limited company in high-tech industry that has deep expertise with more than 1000 R&D talents and Company owned post-doctoral research station and Enterprise Institute.  Dedicating to the development on Bodycam, docking station and platform over 10 years. Engaging full service capability on hardware, software, total solutions, End-to-End Manufacturing Service and OEM/ODM. Providing manufacturing equipment include SMT/DIP/Assembly/Testing line.
28 / Sep
Gosuncn Won Large Orders in North America
Gosuncn Won Large Orders in North America, and The Development Trend of Internet of Vehicles is Good.
23 / Jul
128 million! Gosuncn won the bid
128 million! Gosuncn won the bid for Shenzhen Metro Police communication system equipment procurement project
22 / May
Gosuncn Robot in HongKong First Smart Prison
Gosuncn will be patrolling robots and BODY WORN CAMERA and other intelligent terminal collection of buildings, streets, people, cars, emergencies, police and other detail information in the form of dot, line, face the map layer, automatic stacking based on high-spot on the "map" of real scene video, truly achieve the whole province command battle in one map, build an integrated real command platform, and to achieve flat, fast, accurate command effect.